A Day at the Grammys

André and me at the GRAMMYs!

I never anticipated that I would ever attend the GRAMMY Awards, but then again, a lot of things have happened in the past year that I’d only ever have dreamed of. My husband and bandmate André was nominated in the Best Remix category for his remix of Odesza’s “Say My Name” featuring Zyra. Not only were we ecstatic about the nomination, it meant we’d be going to the Grammys! Is this real life? This was my first red carpet event, so I thought it would be fun to post a little recap of the day.

9:15AM – Hair/make up with Kelly Shew. Kelly meets me at my airbnb home with a suitcase of supplies, which she graciously hoists up the zillion stairs leading to the front door. I show her my dress and she suggests having my hair super straight and sleek to match the angularity of the dress. For make up, I had envisioned really dramatic, smoky eyes à la January Jones. She totally nails it. I couldn’t have asked for someone more fun to start the day with. Could Kelly just meet me with her suitcase every morning from now on?

Kelly Shew!
Thank you, Kelly!

As far as the rest of the look, I was outfitted in the beautiful Carven Black Faille Dress and Acne Studios Andrea Pumps by Portland boutique Frances May. My bracelet and earrings are by Hanka_Ïn from Alder & Co in Portland, and my monogrammed clutch is by Clare Vivier in Los Angeles. While I had initially imagined doing something really wild and out there (as many do at the Grammys), in the end I gravitated toward a more classic look.

Jewelry by Hanka_Ïn from Alder & Co, clutch by Clare Vivier

11:30AM – Our driver for the day rolls up with André’s manager Julie Kim, looking chic in shimmery black pants and black spaghetti strap tank, and we head out!

Noon – We arrive at the Microsoft Theater for the GRAMMY Awards Premiere Ceremony. This is the ceremony that happens before the live telecast show, where awards are given for over 70 categories- including Best Remix. After hopping out of the car we join a line of people dressed to the nines waiting to enter a tented area housing the Red Carpet. It’s very hot under the sun, so many people try to wait it out in whatever shade they can find. Everyone else is taking selfies in front of the entrance.

We have arrived.

12:15PM – We finally make our way into the red carpet tent and it’s a madhouse. Lining the entire way are booths set up with lights and camera crews with interviews going on at each station. I look around at each group of people and try to see if I recognize anyone famous. People look at me trying to figure out if I’m someone famous. The amount of selfies being taken is out of control.

Red carpet mayhem!

12:30PM – The real fun begins as we step into the official photo zone which is teeming with photographers. An official asks for our names and writes “André Anjos, Liz Anjos (RAC)” on a small white board and hands it to an assistant. He explains to us that there will be five Xs marked on the carpet. We would walk to one X then pose, the next X, pose again, etc. all the while the assistant would stand next to us with our names so the photographers would know who we were (lol). This is by far my favorite part of the day. We walk to our designated Xs and at each stop, the photographers take turns calling out to us to look their way. Even if just for a few moments, we feel like celebrities.

Screen grabs from the Grammys livestream!
Caught on the livestream!

12:45PM – We leave the tent and meet Julie inside the Microsoft Theater for the Premier Ceremony, which has already begun. We check the program and we’re only five or so categories away from Best Remix- talk about good timing. Since there are so many categories (70+), the presenter goes through them quite quickly. Many recipients aren’t present to collect their award. Before we know it, the Best Remix nominees are announced. There is a brief moment of anticipation, and I so hope to hear André’s name. Alas, it is not called, and that is that. We’re a little bummed of course, but just happy to be there. I’m so proud of André for everything he’s done to get to this point! We stick around to see a few more awards given out.

Alabama Shakes accepting their award for Best Rock Song

1:30PM – The premiere ceremony as a whole is quite casual, with people filtering in and out throughout the event. The three of us are pretty hungry so we duck out for a bit to grab some lunch. I honestly wasn’t sure if we’d have time at all to eat that day, so despite the almond butter and fruit bar I packed in my clutch (destined to be a mom?), I’m grateful for a meal!

Fish for dayys

2:10PM We walk across the way to grab some espresso at Starbucks when we hear a commotion and realize there’s a mob of people heading straight toward us. There are photographers, screaming tweens, and a few bodyguards clustered around a skinny blonde guy… oh dear, it’s Justin Bieber. And I need to get out of the way! I’m elbowed by a fan and pushed into a fence. André keeps me from totally toppling over!

3:30PM Time to head to Staples Center for the live telecast ceremony! The two venues are in the same complex, so it’s a short walk away. Once we’re in building, I can’t help but giggle at the juxtaposition of hundreds of beautifully dressed people waiting in line for hot dogs or McDonald’s. We may be at the GRAMMYs, but we’re also definitely in a sports arena.

5:00PM The live ceremony begins. André and I are seated on the main floor fairly close to the small circular stage in the center of the audience. Taylor Swift kicks off the night with her song “Out of the Woods” and totally kills it. I scream like a schoolgirl. I make a mental note to be more like Taylor Swift next time I take the stage (easy, right?).


Ahhh Taylor Swift!!

I’m in an aisle seat and throughout the night the likes of Lady Gaga and LL Cool J just breeze on by. At one point Mr. Tony Bennett walks by and I have to snap a fuzzy pic.

Hello, Mr. Bennett!

Throughout the night we’re treated to live performances by arguably some of the best singers, musicians, and performers in the industry. While singing is the clear focus of the night, I appreciate that all of the music, from what I can tell, is being played live by real musicians with real instruments. With more and more live shows relying heavily on backing tracks to carry the performance, this is refreshing. Not every note is perfect, and that’s what’s great about it. It brings the more spectacular moments, such as Demi Lovato belting out ‘Hello’ in the Lionel Ritchie tribute and Tori Kelly and James Bay’s duet, to another level. For all the major production that goes into the Grammys, what strikes me is how gritty, raw, and talented most of these top acts really are.

Ellie Goulding and Andra Day

7:00PM There are several performances left, plus the last award of the night, Album of the Year, has yet to be announced. But you know what? We’re exhausted. André and I head out during a commercial break and meet up with Julie, along with another one of his managers Matt and his fiancée Sami. We have a couple options. We could go to a fancy after party and bump elbows with some of the music industry’s finest.. OR we could go chill out and grab some bibimbap at a low key Korean joint and call it a night. At the moment, it’s a no-brainer. With good people and good food, the night comes to an end.


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    • Thanks so much! We were hoping of course, but he’s incredibly honored just to have been nominated. A “next time” would be a dream come true!

  1. Behind the scenes recap: things I’ve always wanted to know! I do have one question: do you practice the photo poses (selfies?) before the red carpet or does it naturally kick in?

    • I tried to play around with my best angles in front of a mirror ahead of time. I also made sure I was on André’s right side to show off the asymmetry of the dress. I bet some people hire coaches for this sort of thing but we just did our best!

  2. Liz, you looked gorgeous & Andre looked handsome on what appears to be a very special night for the two of you and RAC. Congrats again on the nomination!

  3. I’ve had the pleasure to see you all perform Say My Name 3 times and it’s always a happy moment. The first time at the Fonda on Nov 2014 in LA was such a nice surprise for me. Still blown away by that entire show. Was certainly my favorite remix of the year. Surely more successes to come, but please stay humble and still proud like you have been!

    • Ahh I love singing Say My Name! It’s amazing how much energy/emotion there is to feed off of from live audiences when we play it as the song rings true with so many people. It’s a happy moment for me too. Thank you!

  4. Hi guys, you both look great! Not sure if you remember me, but Liz, you accompanied me at Greenville several times! Glad to know you’re both still in the biz.

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