08.18.16 - Portland, OR (Pink Feathers)-52
Photo by Jonathan Kemp

Today’s my birthday and I’m celebrating by releasing a cover of one of my fave tunes, Running by No Doubt. I performed this just me and my mandolin at an Olympic Track & Field Trials afterparty earlier this summer. I chose to sing this song to that crowd because it was full of people I admire, from Olympic hopefuls to small business owners to fellow artists. There are some lines in the song that I believe speak to what we all do, from the doubt of going down our chosen paths, how much work is required to get to where we’re going, and wondering if we’ll even make it. Whatever your aspirations, if it means you’re bettering yourself and this world, this is my way of saying there’s value in what you’re doing, I love you for it, keep going. On the musical side my aim was to preserve some of the raw and imperfect moments that come with performing live, but to have fun with things I can’t do live on my own. Why have one mandolin when you can have a quartet? Why not throw in an entire string section? I had a lot of fun with this one, hope you enjoy!


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