Degenerates Club: I did my little dance as soon as I played Start Over on my speakers. Pink Feathers does an amazing job at harmonizing with the beat…I can resonate with the lyrics as she swoons my heart with her graceful voice. I feel stronger each time I play this catchy tune.

Pop’n’Rock RadioStart Over, released today, maintains the upbeat style of the first album; however, it is very much unlike anything Liz has ever produced before. The joyful and happy feeling it emits is infectious and even after the first listening, you might catch yourself singing along (or, if you’re anything like me, creating your own vocals and harmonies and consequently annoying your neighbors).

i Heart MoosiqRight from the get go, Start Over ensnares us with a sparkly effervescent whimsicality. The candy coated, harmonious lifting electropop song dazzles with its bright luster and a clarion charm.

Noisey: Pink Feathers’ shimmering power-pop ballad “Keep Pretending”…pays tribute to the likes of Kylie Minogue circa-2001, back when Fever first hit the airwaves. It’s both sweet and hypnotic and a clear stand out track on the infectious Invisible Lines EP.

Classless Kids: “Ghosts” is pop perfection. Beautiful and breezy vocals over top of shimmery, clean production. Honestly though, did you really expect anything else? -Rick Schipper

Indietronica: The title of new track “Ghosts” may conjure up feelings of darkness, but it is far from bleak with Liz’s crisp and 60’s inspired vocals. The glorious and up-tempo tune packs one hell of a pop punch and tastes pretty sweet too. -Sarah Puttock

Last Night Was Cinematic: Pink Feathers stole the show tonight because she was amazing. Her vocals are on point and her stage presence is great. -Keenan Emily

Indie Shuffle: As a vocalist Liz has a distinct knack for making her higher pitch sound whimsical, playful, and wonderful. It takes considerable technical skill to be able to pull this off and her vocal range is notable in this song. -Sarah Jukes

Earmilk: [Liz] jumps out of the gates at full speed, her sweet and uplifting vocals leading the charge over bright guitar chucks. Liz dives into the sticky moments surrounding romantic encounters, all the while keeping a crisp and cool aesthetic. -Elliot Baumohl

Earbuddy: “Keep Pretending” bounces with an energetic sweetness that will have you pretending to be young again…unless you actually are below the age of 25. In that case, you are still young…lucky bastard. -NK

Kick Kick Snare: Where Ghosts is sparkling, Keep Pretending is driving. Wah-wah soaked overdriven guitar holds down the backbeat while drum machine driven kicks and snares lock in the groove. It’s got the production fingerprints of her collaborator, RAC, all over the place, but it’s got a songwriting identity wholly and uniquely Pink Feathers. Of course, we love it. -Stephen Schmuldt

Official Idolator Premiere: Pink Feathers’ “Ghosts,” Produced by RAC: Idolator Premiere

The AU Review: Not gonna lie, “Ghosts” seriously sounds like it belongs on the Vice City soundtrack. Pink Feathers have totally hit a ball out of the park with this surprisingly cool and sweet track, sounding straight out of the late 70s / early 80s. -Dave Roberts

Earmilk: Pink Feathers gets playful on “Ghosts,” experimenting with vocal overlays and blissful hums. The track maintains an upbeat tempo, its catchiness simply irrefutable – you can’t help but nod your head upon first listen. -Elliot Baumohl

Get Lifted Tonight: Rocketing us back to the 50s, the old school back up singers accent analog synth work to create something sparkly and new. Poppy but much different than hits we hear today, Pink Feathers paves a new candy-painted lane. -Angus Brown

JayeL Audio: …Liz is stepping into her own with originals like stunning single “Ghosts”. Her vocals flutter expertly around the synth-fueled RAC production and lifts an already catchy hook. -Justin Lyons

Neon Tommy: Another sweet touch to the show was that…Pink Feathers, also performed alongside RAC, playing the keyboard and adding synth beats. She took the center stage with the song “Seventeen,” which took the tempo up with its bubbly, xylophone-like synth beats. -Jennifer Joh

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BASTION – Radium (ft. Pink Feathers) featured on The French Shuffle

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C-Heads Magazine premieres Pink Feathers – Ghosts (Bahner Cheerleader Remix)

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RAC – Dangerous (ft. Pink Feathers) premiere on Blah Blah Blah Science

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“Like You Do” and “The Feeling’s Gone” featured on Earmilk

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Invisible Lines EP featured on Kick Kick Snare

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Invisible Lines EP featured on I Heart Moosiq

Screen Shot 2016-05-04 at 10.23.16 AM

Invisible Lines EP featured on The 405

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“The Feeling’s Gone (ft. SPEAK)” featured on Binary

Screen Shot 2016-05-04 at 10.41.24 AM

Invisible Lines EP featured on Winnie Cooper

Screen Shot 2016-05-04 at 10.19.29 AM

Invisible Lines EP premiere on Hypetrak

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Interview on Stumbled Upon by The AU Review

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Song premiere and interview with Ilana Kaplan of Noisey.